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Rhythm Racing

Free - Offers In-App Purchases

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About This Game:
Let's get back to the music rhythm car racing game now! Dancing Cars: Rhythm Racing will give you innovative gameplay you've never seen before on mobile

Explore the sound road of the most popular songs with the unique mechanic of control - Hold n Drag with 2 hands!!! Feel every beat through your fingers and show off your ultimate driving skills with two-handed coordination

How To Play:
Play with 2 thumbs to control 2 cars on two separate halves of the screen to collect items with music rhythm

Key Features:
- SIMPLE game control experience
- 2D vibrant graphics, smooth motion, neon effects dancing to the music
- Challenging with various pattern/ level design
- Popular songs are constantly updated

Are you the ultimate rhythm racing player? Try your reflexes and finger speed now!


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