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2D Animator

Yogame: Urgent recruitment of 2D Animation 12 million ~ 25 million, join the actual project now


Job description

- Read and understand game design documents

- Play related games for reference, diversify the Animation to be done

- Design 2D Animation of the character's movement
- Establish rules to industrialize (mass-produce) character movements

Candidate Requirements

- At least 06 months of experience in 2D Animation
- Proficient in animation tools such as: Spine/ After effect/ Unity
- Have experience playing games
- Careful, meticulous, quick to learn, good teamwork
- Have good problem solving, problem solving and logical thinking skills
- Priority candidates to handle many tasks at the same time (multiple tasks)
- Prefer candidates who used to make Music Game or Cat Game

Benefits and opportunities

Average income 12 million ~ 25 million / month
Special opportunities for Early Entry Candidates:
- Join early to have a chance to become a key person (lead you guys in later, have the opportunity to advance quickly and join the Studio leadership team)
- Directly learn and develop new products methodically from the very beginning.
- Short production life cycle of 1 product (from 2 weeks to 3 months): good opportunity for employees to learn and improve their skills and expertise quickly
- Love and passion for games has the ability to turn into a game designer or a product owner

Other Benefits:

- Business bonus (profit sharing by product)

- Bonus according to the project's milestone

- Bonus according to the product's milestone

- Bonus according to the evaluation period (2 times/year), monthly salary 13

- Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, holidays, Tet, ... according to regulations

- Support for lunch, parking

- Bonuses for Tet holidays, birthdays, October 20, March 8, and July 27, gifts for employees' children on International Children's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, ...

- Vacation, team building

- Visiting sick, filial piety, maternity

- Support sports activities, football clubs

- Periodic health check

Introduction to Yogame:

Yogame is a Game Studio focusing on the production of Music Games for the US and Global markets. With the focus on production, Yogame aims to be the top position in the field of music game production in the world within the next 5 years (2022 ~ 2027).

To achieve the goal, Yogame focuses on building a lean and high-quality team to enhance the success of the product, bringing great experience value to users who love games and listen to music.

Yogame's mission is to give high priority to building and training the production team so that each Developer (Programmer/Artist/or Game Designer, Tester...) can create a valuable product. million dollars: "One Developer One Product One Million Dollar". Yogame has 2 companion investors, Amanotes (World No. 1 Game Publisher in Music Game category) and Yotel.

Company size 10 ~ 20 people


Location: Central Point Building 219 Trung Kinh, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Address for submitting CV: send email to
Deadline for CV submission: 31/01/2023

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